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Bill Payment Options

Please mail all payments to:

Mustang Valley Water Corp, PO Box 6, Cranfills Gap, TX 76637

Looking for the most convenient way to pay your bill? We offer several payment options to our customers. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs... Learn more...

What is Flushing? No, not that.

When the pipes are breached for any reason, dirt may enter the line. Breaks in the line or even installing a new meter may cause this. Even a little fistful of dirt can cause your water to be brown for awhile. Don't worry. Our crews are trained to put chlorine in the line to purify it. But you will want to clear out the dirty water. This is flushing.

To Flush: Turn off all applicances that use water. go to the outdoor tap furthest from the meter, called a bib. Take the hose off. Turn on the water full force and run it for 10-15 minutes until it runs clean. Repeat as needed. Alert your Water Lady at 254-597-2445. She will give you a discount.


Our Mission

At Mustang Valley Water, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water service to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.


  1. Cracking ground may cause pipes to break. Please keep an eye out for leaks and report the location to the staff. Thank you!
  2. PLEASE HELP! Do you have a neighbor that is selling their property? We would appreciate a call to help us facilitate membership transfers. 254-597-2445
  3. Our new entrance is next to FSSB bank on 3rd Street. You are welcome to stop by 9am-3pm Monday through Friday.
  4. If you do not receive a by the 12th of the month, please alert the staff by phone or by clicking here.
  5. Payments are due by the 20th day of the month.

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PRESSURE: Take a Peek into the Mustang Valley Water System

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Mustang Valley Water’s distribution system is a gravity system. The water is pumped from underground to a tower/tank. When a customer turns on the tap, earth’s gravity causes the water to flow downhill from the tank to the faucet. The water pressure at a tap on the MVWSC system is determined by the elevation (vertical distance) of the tap relative to the elevation of our water tower; it is not determined by the physical distance from the water pump.

Water Pressure

A greater height difference = greater water pressure.
A lesser height difference = lower water pressure.


Keep it “Just Right”

Bosque County has a lot of hills, and that means we have a great variation in pressure throughout the...

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From One End of this Continent to the Other

From One End of this Continent to the Other

July 2017. This month, North Americans will be celebrating the birth of their country, their identity as a people and as a nation. From Winnipeg to Washington, D.C., from Calgary to Corpus Christi, from Toronto to Tallahassee, we will watch fireworks and watch parades, we will sing and laugh and make merry. And EAT. Whether your celebration will include barbecue and watermelon, or haddock and butter tarts, there will certainly be some good eats. Join the celebration!

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